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Welcome to the Oakland University general course evaluations portal for the School of Engineering and Computer Science. This application allows you to submit course evaluations for SECS courses. Note that this application only services SECS courses - courses outside of SECS either use paper evaluations or are services through different web applications. You should check with your instructor regarding where to go to complete those evaluations.

To get started, type your OU NETID name and password into the form below and click submit. If you have trouble logging on, visit the logon help page.

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If you have comments or questions, please read through the information below and if this doesn't answer your question contact the evaluations administrator

Help! I missed the evaluation window!

Oakland University does not allow late evaluations online. If you missed the evaluation window for a course, you can contact the department chair or school dean directly with your comments. Note that course evaluation windows generally do not include finals week, which is why the window for online course evaluations seem to end 5-7 days before the end of the class. This is in accordance with the university course evaluation policy. Again, if you wish to make comments about a course after the evaluation period has ended, you can contact the department chair or dean.

Course Evaluation Availability Windows

The table below shows availability windows for course evaluations that are either scheduled in the future, are currently running, or which closed sometime in the last 10 days. Each course is assigned a status, as follows:

Make sure you login during the specified windows to take your evaluations. Oakland University does not allow late online evaluations.

There are no impending course evaluations.