Faculty Annual Report Manager

Please note : this application (FARM) is scheduled to be decommissioned at the end of August 2019. It will be unavailable after that time. We will not be adding the 2019-2020 academic year.

You can pull your data out of the system by following this process:

  1. Login below
  2. Click ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTS on the left
  3. Click DOWNLOADABLE USER REPORTS / EXTRACTS. Read the summary on the screen for a description of the files and how to use them.
  4. Click on each of the file links (human readable and JSON) to download them to your desktop

We intend to back all data up, so even if you don't pull your data out by the end of August, we will be able to recover it for at least a few years. You'll just have to contact us for it.

If your department requires you to use FARM to record your yearly activities, you should contact your department chair about an alternate procedure once FARM is decommissioned.

Note that one option in lieu of anything recommended by your chair is to record your activities in a Google Doc. Directions for doing that can be found here. Make sure you check with your department chair before you follow the process laid out in the document.

Faculty Annual Report Instructions

Type in your NETID (OU e-mail) name and password below and then click SUBMIT.
When typing in your NETID name, do not include the "@oakland.edu" part.
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NETID Password