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Search Tips

People Search
There are two fields available to search by. These are:

  • First Name (Optional)
  • Last Name (Required*)

The First Name field is optional (no entry is required in this field to complete a search).
The Last Name field is required* (an entry must be made in this field to complete a search).

* If you need to search on First Name only, place a percent symbol (%) in the Last Name field. Be aware that your results may be greater than allowed (see Suggestions below).

You can search on the first few letters of a name without the use of a wildcard (%). But, if you need to search on characters in the middle or end of a name field it will require the wildcard in front or behind your search letters.

The search is not case-sensitive. You will get the same results for upper/lower/mixed case letters (e.g. MILLER = miller = Miller).

Example Searches

Last Name Search Results Not in Results
Dan Daniel, Danworth McDaniels
%ham Cunningham, Hamilton  
Z Zeirwerk, Zimmerson Dziedzic, Rozazzo
O' O'Reilly, O'Malley  

The search results are limited to 25 records. In order to get the results you need, you may need to limit your search by using both the First Name and Last Name fields. Partial names are searchable and not case sensitive for either field. In addition, if you do not see the results you are looking for, you may need to remove search criteria. If you have an incorrect spelling, try to limit your criteria to the first few letters of both fields.

Department Search
Choose a department from the drop-down list provided and click Search. All persons associated with that department will be listed. If you do not find the specific person you are looking for, try the People Search instead. The Department listed in the People Search results will be the same as in the Department drop-down list.

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