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AP Professional Development Series - Professionalism, Networking & The Benefits to your Success!

Presented by Darcy Miller, the founder of Pin & Pivot; a consulting firm focused on education, kindness and connections.

In a room full of stars, how do some shine the brightest? This session focuses on showcasing ways that you can become that bright star who is professional, effective, connected, easy to work with and incredibly resourceful. Through real-life examples and facilitation, actionable tips will be delivered that can be utilized immediately to move your career forward. Overall, this session will demonstrate new ways to present information and to present yourself during interactions in the workplace that will transform the way you navigate the workplace and advance your career. Participants will leave knowing how to advance their career as a professional who is successful, confident, respected and a tremendous team player - some might even say that brightly shining star!

Learning Objectives:

• Professionalism

• Networking

• Career Advancement


• Understanding Company Culture

• Productively Working with Your Supervisor

• Communicating Effectively

• Collaborating with Colleagues

• Showcasing Gratitude

• Being Genuine

Thu, August 18, 2016, 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
39 Gold Rooms [ENROLL]