Imaging a Shattering Earth: Contemporary Photography and the Environmental Debate
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Complementing this exhibition and Web site is a full-color 72 pp. catalogue reproducing all fifty-six works in the show. The catalogue includes three essays and catalogue entries discussing the artists and their work. The opening essay, entitled "Our World is Changing," is by noted environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who visited Oakland University on October 5, 2005, as guest speaker for Environmental Explorations. In the title essay "Imaging a Shattering Earth," Exhibition Curator Claude Baillargeon provides a rationale for the selection process and discusses the works in the exhibition. Maia-Mari Sutnik, Associate Curator of Photography at the Art Gallery of Ontario, provides a complimentary perspective entitled "Contemporary Environments and Women Photographers." The publication concludes with catalogue entries by Katy McCormick, former Exhibition Coordinator for Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography.

Organized according to three recurring preoccupations, the catalogue aims to foster a collective process of soul-searching. The first portfolio, entitled "The Marks We Make," explores the scarification of the earth's surface resulting from human interventions. The second one, "Resources Industries," addresses the exploitation and management of natural resources. Lastly, "Exclusion Zones" focuses on the afterlife of sites deemed irretrievably damaged. Together these three portfolios reveal a pattern of monolithic degradation.

The catalogue is co-published by the Meadow Brook Art Gallery, College of Arts and Sciences, Oakland University, and CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival.

Nearly sold out, the catalogue is available for $50 (plus $5 for handling and shipping) directly from the Oakland University Art Gallery (formerly Meadow Brook Art Gallery), 208 Wilson Hall, Rochester, MI 48309-4401. Please contact Jacqueline Leow, Assistant to the Director and Registrar, at (248) 370-3005 or via, or visit our Web site at