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RequestingTitle: Life Journey Through Autism: A Guide for Transition to Adulthood
Author: Danya International, Inc; OAR, SARRC
Published: 2006
Adulthood is more than just a chronological state. Adulthood represents a time in one’s life where there are increased levels of independence, choice, responsibility, and personal control. Adulthood is the defining period of one’s life and, while we may look back fondly on our childhood, it is our accomplishments as adults for which we are generally most proud. Why, then should adulthood for the person with an autism spectrum disorder be viewed any differently? In this, the fourth volume in the OAR Life Journey Through Autism Series, we provide an overview of the Transition-to-Adulthood process, with an emphasis on: The importance of early planning beginning no later than age 16 years and, at times, as early as age 14 years (or younger). The importance of collaboration between the transitioning individual, their family and friends, interested community embers, the school’s professional staff, and representatives from adult service systems in the transition to adulthood process.The importance of community-based instruction in the development of skills associated with more independent adulthood. The fact that individualized, effective transition planning is effortful and time consuming but, when done well, a fulfilling life as an adult is possible.
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