I.   Create a New Slide Show

II.  Format

III. Insert Objects into Slides

IV.       Animation and Sound

V.          View

VI. Uploading--PowerPoint Online

VII. Master Formatting

VIII. Equation Editing

IX. Sound

Insert music or sound on a slide

1. Display the slide you want to add music or sound to.
2. On the Insert menu, point to Movies and Sounds.
3. Do one of the following:
To insert a sound from the Clip Gallery, click Sound from Gallery, and then locate and insert the sound you want.
To insert a sound from another location, click Sound from File, locate the folder that contains the sound, and then double-click the sound you want.
A sound icon appears on the slide.
4. A message is displayed. If you want the sound to play automatically when you go to the slide, click Yes; if you want the sound to play only when you click the sound icon during a slide show, click No.
5. To preview the sound in normal view, double-click the sound icon.
Tip You can also change play settings - for example, loop the sound or add an animation effect to your sound.


Record a voice narration:

To do this procedure, you'll need a microphone. You'll also need to make sure you aren't running any other sound recording programs, such as Speech Recognition.
1. On the Slide Show menu, click Record Narration.
A dialog box appears showing the amount of free disk space and the number of minutes you can record.
2. To insert the narration on your slides as an embedded object and to begin recording, click OK.
To insert the narration as a linked file, select the Link narrations in check box, and then click OK to begin recording.
3. Advance through the slide show and add narration as you go.
At the end of the show, a message appears.
4. To save the timings along with the narration, click Yes. To save only the narration, click No.
A sound icon appears in the lower-right corner of each slide that has narration.

Notes :