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Scantron: Assessments

Please meet with ELIS staff prior to instituting department assessment procedures.

e-Learning and Instructional Support has a number of different solutions for course assessments, depending on the type of assessment you wish to give, such as testing inside one class, assessments across multiple classes with only one test version, and assessments across multiple classes with multiple test versions. In addition to these paper scanning solutions, you may opt for an online method using the survey tool in WebCT which has survey software inside single courses.

Single Class Assessments on ParSCORE software

One type of assessment measures learning outcomes in a single class. This is the simplist type of assessment, using only one class and one program.

I. Before Giving an Assessment

  • Have students buy the a full sheet test form (e.g.: ParSCORE F-1712 - 200 questions) from the Bookstore at Oakland University. One old form, Form no. 16504, can be used with our new Scantron machine and may even be mixed in with new forms without any problems in scanning. but it doesn't have an area for multiple versions. We can't scan Form 882-E, which is only used by the School of Business Administration.

II. Giving an Assessment

  • All students need to fill in their first and last names on the scantron form. (If the assessments should be anonymous, then have the students make up fake names.)

  • Your students should enter their Grizzly ID's in the ID box on their form, starting from the left hand side and without the G. So everyone should have just 8 digits. If there are any mistakes, such as leaving a bubble blank, the form will be rejected. Even if you're not grading these tests, the system will need a unique ID number for each student. (If the assessments should be anonymous, then have the students make up fake 8-digit IDs, each one unique.)

  • The Test Form box on the Scantron form 1712 must be filled out with the exam version letter. If you have one version of the exam or quiz that you are giving to students, have all of them fill in A. If you are giving two versions of the test, call one version A and one version B and have the students fill out that accordingly.

III. Running off Scantron Forms

  • Make an appointment with e-Learning and Instructional Support in 430 Kresge Library, (248) 370-4566, to run the forms through the Scantron machine and to learn how to configure the information in the ParSCORE software that is connected to the machine. The demand for this machine is heavy and it is better to have everyone make an appointment to eliminate a long wait. Call 248-370-4566 to make an appointment.

  • Acquire a Scantron Account in order to save your results. You can receive an account and/or have the ParSCORE software installed on your office computer by calling the UTS Helpdesk at (248) 370-4357 or fill out the Scantron Account Request Form [PDF file] (search for SCANTRON on this page).
  • With a technician's help in the Scantron room, you will scan your assessments into one of your courses. You will need to bring your test forms with you, and the keys for each version of the assessment you are giving.

Multi-Class Assessments (one version) on ParSCORE software

If you are interested in comparing statistical data across multiple classes that use the same test, such as multiple sections of the same class, and have only one version, you will follow the same instructions given above and then implement these further instructions.

*Submitting a Course for Merging

  • After completeing steps I-III above, you can share your course out so that it can be compared to other courses that use the same test. A technician at e-LIS will help you do this.

  • Once all courses that are going to be compared are shared out, a single user will be shown how to access the data across the multiple classes.

Multi-Class Assessments (two or more versions) on ParTEST and ParSCORE software

If you are interested in comparing statistical data across multiple classes that use the same test, but also have more than one test version, with question order mixed, you will have to use two different programs to get the desired results.

*Creating a Test in ParTEST

  • ParTEST is a program that works in conjunction with ParSCORE. You will have to setup your quiz in ParTEST and have the keys for the various versions imported to ParSCORE in order to do this type of assessment.

  • If you don't have your questions in digital format, you can create them in ParTEST one by one. If you already have your questions you can reformat them so that they can be imported into the system.

  • After that, complete all of the previous steps above.

  • With this type of assessment you will also be able to do a consolidated item analysis report. This report will allow you to get one item analysis out of multiple versions of a test.
*Please call ELIS at x4566 a couple weeks ahead of time, if you would like help in setting up a multi-class assessment.