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Overview of Panopto

Panopto is a lecture capture system that faculty can use in the classroom to produce an audio/video recording that is integrated into a Moodle course. Students, then, can review the recording of the lecture or discussion later from their Moodle course. They also may search for specific areas of content, make notes, or even have a dialoge about the course material with other students.

First Steps

I. Moodle.
In order to use Panopto, a block needs to be added within a Moodle course. The Panopto software is then downloaded to the computer used in the classroom and linked to Moodle. A camera or webcam should be attached to the computer or laptop. The instructor then clicks on Record (in the Panopto software) before class and Stop afterwards. The link for the completed recording will automatically appear in the linked Moodle course. Editing, in order to delete or bookmark content in the lecture, is also possible.

II. Classroom Hardware. Contact CSITS at (248)370-2461 for help about a particular classroom in which you will be teaching. You will need to become comfortable with the hardware setup in that room. You will need to locate a wearable microphone, know how to log-in to the computer with an ADMNET account, and how to use the classroom control board if you need different input sources.

III. Panopto Software. It would be best to take a Faculty Workshop on Panopto to learn the Panopto software that allows you to edit the recorded files.

Studies show that lecture capture does not increase absentism as feared. Also in a study from University of Wisconsin Madison, 82% students prefer courses which offer lecture capture recordings. A report from the Center for Research for Teaching and Learning at the University of Michigan discusses benefits in students' mastery and deeper engagement with course material. 


For more information about Panopto, please check out the following documents.