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Most files are for faculty editors unless specified for student users.

Moodle Updates
Moodle 3.1 Updates - 7/2/2016
Moodle 3.0 Updates - 12/21/2015
Moodle Introduction for New Users
Moodle: Getting Started
Moodle I Workshop Handout
Moodle Summary and FAQs
Logging Into Moodle
Reset Your Password
Creating a Heading
Copy (Import) Items of a Course (Quizzes, Assignments, Forums) Into Another Course
Semester End Transition - Copy (Import) An Entire Course (Easier than Backup and Restore process)
Semester End Transition - Backup and Restore a Course
Mail Systems
Announcements (formerly called News Forum)
Internal Email
Moodle: Files and Resources
Moodle II Workshop Handout
Uploading Camtasia Videos
Moodle: Forums and Chat
Moodle III Workshop Handout
Adding a Forum to Moodle
Reply to Forums via Email - Faculty
Reply to Forums via Email - Student
Creating a Chat Room in Moodle
Moodle: Quizzes
Moodle IV Workshop Handout
Exams in Online Courses at OU
Moodle Scale Generator
Creating Questions
Adding Questions
True/False Questions
Importing Questions
Importing Questions
Changing Quizzes and Questions
Resetting Quiz Attempts and Times
Regrading Quizzes
Removing Points from a Question
Changing an Answer
Moodle: Assignments, Wikis, and Gradebook
Moodle V Workshop Handout
Adding Categories
Adding Graded Items
Manually Editing Grades
Importing and Exporting your Gradebook
Sum of Grades
Weighted Grades
Problems with Combining Points and Scales
Moodle Course Design
Good design in Moodle
Poor design in Moodle
Taking Attendance (face-to-face classes)
Workshop Tool in Moodle
Adding a Wiki