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iTunes U : Overview

Open Education is a theory that learning should be openly and freely shared to provide equity of knowledge throughout the world. Technology helps to facilitate and distribute information at a relatively low cost. Access should be made available to anyone wanting to learn.

Kresge Library, Oakland University: Open Access and Education for Faculty

iTunes U is an alternate distribution method for publically available content from courses or university events. All of Oakland University content is free, but under copyright of its individual creators.

Faculty and staff may submit audio or video material to e-LIS to upload to the Apple site so that the public may freely download and view it. 

Process for Uploading Files:

  • Read the  iTunes U Policy
  • Submit the audio (AAC, .m4a or MP3, .mp3 file types only) and/or video (.mp4 or .mov) files on DVD to e-LIS (x4566 or online@oakland.edu)
  • Include a signed Release form if necessary.
  • e-LIS will look at the content, notify the appropriate dean's office or other unit, and then upload the files to iTunes U. 

Access iTunes U:

1.    Open the software, iTunes U. If it's not on your computer, download it at: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/
2.    Click on iTunes Store.
3.    Click on iTunes U
4.    Under iTunes U Quick Links, click on Universities and Colleges. Click on Oakland University.
5.    Scroll the content and choose Get or Get movie for the content you want. A new playlist will be created for you on the left hand side containing all the file downloads that you can play from within iTunes.
6.    For help in using iTunes, http://www.apple.com/itunes/tutorials/

Or link directly to Oakland University in iTunes

Current Content

  • Art History
  • Music
  • Psychology
  • Education Leadership