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Event - e-Cornucopia.2011 Conference

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e-Cornucopia.2011 The Open Digital University

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This year's one day e-Learning conference was held on May 26, 2011. It focused on openness, the theory that knowledge should be transparent and accessible and the implications that result from an open environment. The three tracks that explored this topic were: Track 1: Open Education, Track 2: Open Access and Track 3: Open Source.

Track 1: Open Education looked at openness from the faculty perspective. Presenters discussed ways to utilize open materials and resistance encountered by providing shared content. The presenters included: Cindy Sinfonis (Oakland University), Psi Chi Honor Student Panel (Oakland University), Emily Puckett Rodgers (University of Michigan), Kieran Mathieson (Oakland University) and Gerd Kortemeyer (Michigan State University).

Track 2: Open Access looked at openness from the library perspective. Presenters examined uses for open access and the ensuing control and copyright issues. The presenters included: Julia Rodriguez (Oakland University), Alissa Centivany (University of Michigan), Jonathan McGlone & Suzan Alteri (Wayne State University), Greg Grossmeier (University of Michigan) and Bobby Glushko (University of Michigan).

Track 3: Open Source looked at openness from the computer coding perspective. Presenters looked at the uses, benefits and challenges of using open source software in an educational setting. The presenters included: Matt Switlik (Oakland University), Paul Gallagher (Wayne State University), Ryan Kather (Siemans Enterprise Communications), Fred Dixon (Big Blue Button), Shaun Moore (Oakland University), Brendan Guenther, Gwen Heyboer Shelle & Sean Leahy (Michigan State University) and Brian Collins (VenturIT).

This year's keynote speaker was Ray Schroeder, Professor Emeritus of Communication, and founding director of the Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Ray's presentation entitled, 'The Open Future of Higher Education' highlighted what changes the adoption of the open modality might bring to learning, education and our institutions.

Cathy Cheal
Cathy Cheal welcomes everyone to eCornucopia 2011.
Matt Switlik
Matt Switlik presents 'Open Source for the End User'.
Taking in another exciting demonstration.
Ray Schroeder
The keynote speaker, Ray Schroeder challenged us to consider 'The Open Future of Higher Education'
Julia Rodriguez
Julia Rodriguez asks the question 'Why Open Access?'
Emily Puckett Rodgers
Emily Puckett Rodgers discusses 'Open, Share, Learn: The University of Michigan's Open Educational Resources'.
Round Tables
Roundtable discussions at the end of the day.
eLearning's Diane Underwood presents one of the door prizes.