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Event - e-Cornucopia.2010 Conference

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e-Cornucopia.2010-Teaching with Social Media

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e-Cornucopia.2010 was attended by over 100 people (both in person and through Elluminate!). The all-day event featured two learning tracks: Track 1-How To Use Social Media and Track 2-Teaching With Social Media.

In the How To track e-Learning and Instructional Support staff members, Cathy Cheal, Nic Bongers, Eric Merrill, John Coughlin and Shaun Moore introduced and explained how to use YouTube, Second Life, Twitter, Facebook and Dimdim.

Oakland University faculty members, Marshall Kitchens, Rachael Smydra, Pamela Mitzelfield, Cindy Sifonis, Vagner Whitehead, Rebecca Rivard and Holly Gilbert led the Teaching With track. They shared their experiences and methods for using social media in the classroom. Some of the topics covered included practical applications of Blogger, Second Life, Voicethread and NING to facilitate learning.

The keynote speaker was Ken Hudson, Managing Director of the Virtual World Centre at Loyalist College. Ken’s presentation entitled, My Second Life didn’t turn out the way I thought it would creatively described how to manage expectations for teaching and learning in virtual worlds.

Cathy Cheal welcomes everyone to e-Cornucopia.2010.
Marshall Kitchens discusses Social Media and Learning Communities.
Rebecca Rivard discusses ways to use Voicethread in teaching.
Keynote speaker Ken Hudson shares his experience teaching in virtual worlds.
Shaun Moore illustrates the advantages of using Dimdim.
Nic Bongers awards Marshall Kitchens the grand prize, a Flip Video camera.

Free admission to the conference was made possible by a grant from the SLOAN Consortium. Oakland University is a Regional Center for SLOAN-C.