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Overview of ePortfolio

The Oakland University e-Portfolio server is available to students, faculty, and staff. Each person has a career portfolio space that they can control. Current policy is that all portfolio spaces will exist indefinitely, and will be available throughout someone's stay at OU. Access is through an OU email account (NetID).

Here are some quick instructions on how to allow other users access your portfolio space.

Users who have a NETID (faculty, staff or students)

  1. Login and click on the title of your space.
  2. Click on Assign Roles under Administration. If you don't see the administration block, you will have to add it from the blocks selection pulldown.
  3. Click on the role you want to assign, such as Group Editor, if you want participants to be at your level of creating content or Participant, if you want them at a student-like level.
  4. Type the name under the bottom of the right-hand column and click Search. Choose the name and then click the arrow to send that name to the left-hand column. That person will then have access.

Users who DON'T have a NETID (guests)

  1. Login to e-portfolio and then go into your portfolio. One the left side of the screen you should see a box telling you what your enrollment key is (usually a 6 digit number). Copy this down.
  2. In your browser address field, you will see a URL something like this: http://portfolio.oakland.edu/port/course/view.php?id=11111. Copy that down.
  3. Send an e-mail to your guest containing the link you copied down in step 1 and the enrollment key in step 2. Specifically, you should tell the person to visit the link (this will take them to the portfolio login page), then click on the "login as a guest" button (this will take them to the enrollment key input screen), then type in the enrollment key and click on "enroll me in this course" (and this will get them into your portfolio).