E-Learning and Instructional Support (ELIS)

e-Cornucopia Conference 2017


Call for Proposals
The e-Cornucopia conference is a technology focused teaching and learning conference. Our attendees want to hear how you are using technology in your fully online, partially online, web-enhanced or traditional classroom. 
New for 2017! We are encouraging the submission of short 20 minute presentation proposals. These shorter sessions are meant to cover one quick easy to implement strategy.

***Please note any additional presenters must be listed at the time the proposal is submitted in order to be eligible for free admission to the conference.***
Presenters from the following areas are encouraged to submit proposals:
•Higher education faculty  •K-12 teachers 
•Educational technology leaders •Future professors
•Academic administrators  •Instructional technologists 
•Instructional designers •Graduate students
Presentations, workshops and posters may address topics such as:
• Innovative uses of technology in courses

• Pedagogical methods that use technology to increase the quality of learning

• Student engagement and learning using technology

• Ways of assessing student learning in online courses

• Effective online and blended learning strategies

• Emerging online learning tools

• Use of peripheral service technologies (like online tutoring / marketing)

• Tools and methods used for tracking student participation and engagement

• Emerging and next-generation tools

• Demonstration of online learning applications using mobile devices

• Applications that can be used across multiple mobile platforms

Deadline for proposals is March 31, 2017 at 11:59 PM

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20 minute Presentation Session – These shorter sessions are meant to cover one quick easy to implement strategy.
50 minute Presentation Session.
Workshop Session - 1 hour. 50 minutes in length, These sessions are meant to be hands-on, illustrating and demonstrating the use of specific hardware or software in educational settings. Participants will asked to bring their own devices.
Poster Session - 60 minutes in length.
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