E-Learning and Instructional Support (ELIS)

e-Cornucopia Conference 2017


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Context-Aware Semantic Enabled Video Based Learning System
Khalid Mahmood and Kiran Badwaik, Oakland University
As more and more learners are opting for online learning, e-learning industry is working on improving learning experience of online user by providing relevant content and lot of additional references. Since online learners mostly prefer video tutorials, identifying major topics and subtopics covered in video tutorial is a big challenge. We propose a semantic web-based framework for automatic topic identification from video tutorials in order to identify the concepts and their associated semantically relevant resources. Our framework identifies relevant topic using disambiguation in e-learning resource which helps learners in more focused study.

Class Texts as an Effective Way to Communicate with Students
Helena Riha, Oakland University
You ask students to check their university e-mail for course announcements, but they probably are not doing so as often as you would like. Send them class texts – course announcements sent as text messages. 

Collaborative Learning in Moodle
Pamela Todoroff, Oakland University
Collaborative Activities enhance student learning but are not easy to facilitate. Some simple steps in the beginning of the course and just before a major group project will increase the value and success of group work.

OU Libraries and Online Learning
Kristine Condic and Amanda Nichols Hess, Oakland University
OU Libraries offer online learning tools and resources for both faculty and students. Find out more about the online tutorials, library orientations for transfer students, flipped classroom library instruction, and online gen-ed course on 21st century research!

Engaging and Communicating with Faculty Using an e-Newsletter
Linda Wareck, Oakland Community College
The ATG Digital Download (DD) is a weekly e-Newsletter for communication sent to LMS faculty users at Oakland Community College. The DD brings together many of the initiatives from the Academic Technology Group (ATG) for supporting teaching and learning. Each edition includes sections on learning technology updates, LMS alerts, reported bugs with workarounds, teaching tips, accessibility tips, training updates, learning events, and important reminders and announcements. Expanding our outreach and keeping faculty engaged makes the DD an important communication tool to look forward to and enjoy!