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Web Application Development

The Web development staff in e-LIS can help you design custom Web application for specific needs. Typically, we will meet with you to determine the application's specifications and then work with you throughout the design process to ensure the application accomplishes the described goal. For Web application design, we use primarily MS Access, MS SQL Server and Cold Fusion. Here are some example applications:

  • OUSC Online Voting System
  • Survey systems
  • Course evaluations for SECS, SON, SBA, and other areas
  • Many scheduling systems (UHR Training, Writing Center, etc)
  • Various OU surveys

We do not charge academic units for web application development services. Administrative units seeking project scope application development services, however, will be charged a fee of $25 per hour. Project scope development service is generally any application development project that takes 8 hours or longer to complete.

NOTE: Web application development is different than Web site design! OU faculty, staff and students who are interested in designing a public Web site for their department or organization should contact the Communications and Marketing department.

For more information about the services offered by the e-LIS Web development team, contact the Web development team.