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e-Learning Student Online Orientation - Technical Requirements
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Technical requirements will be different from course to course, but in general, your computing device* should at least be able to perform all of the following common tasks:

  • Run the most current version of the Firefox web browser
  • Connect to the internet via a reliable connection
  • Run the most current versions of the Flash player, Java, and Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer

Some courses may have additional requirements such as :

  • Display videos such as those posted on YouTube without significant lag
  • Play audio files through speakers or headphones without significant lag
  • Broadcast audio via a microphone
  • View files created in other programs such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

* Note about devices : Properly configured Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop/laptop computers are able to run Oakland University's online course software (Moodle/Elluminate/Panopto etc) without any problems. Tablets and smart phones, however, have reduced functionality (as of this writing). Please be aware that there may be some cases where you will need to use a desktop/laptop computer to access all the functionality of Oakland University's online course software.