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Shortly before your online course starts, you should get an e-mail message with some helpful advice. In case you miss that e-mail, we've included it below.

Message Subject : OU Online Courses and Login Information

Dear John Doe,

Welcome to Oakland University's online courses! The information in this e-mail will help prepare you for the online course which you will soon be starting. If you have questions about this e-mail, please do not reply to it; rather, file a help ticket at http://www2.oakland.edu/elis/help.cfm?LMS=2

Moodle Access Date
You will be able to access your course in Moodle one week before it starts - if you are not sure what this date is, please check in SAIL. You won't be able to access the course before this date, unless your instructor has manually opened the course early for students.

Logging Into Moodle
You can login to Moodle at : https://moodle.oakland.edu. When logging in, use your NETID username and password (your NETID username is your OU e-mail name minus the @oakland.edu part, and your NETID password is your OU e-mail password.)

Moodle has been tested with the most current versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Please use one of these browsers when working in Moodle, and be sure to update it to the most recent version before starting the course.

Online Orientation
If this is your first time taking an online course, you may want to review the Online Student Orientation available at http://www2.oakland.edu/elis/studentorientation.cfm - this site has information about computer requirements, answers to frequently asked questions, an overview of services for online students, and a link to a demo Moodle course.

First Week Helpdesk in the Oakland Center
Moodle help is available in the Oakland Center during the first week of Fall and Winter term courses. No appointment is necessary - simply stop by with any Moodle question, and we will be happy to help you.

If your course uses the WebEx video-conferencing software, then you will have online meetings (webinars) at specific days and times. These meeting days and times should be noted in the Schedule of Classes and/or the course syllabus. If you are unsure about whether your course uses WebEx, please contact your instructor. You may obtain technical help with WebEx at: http://www2.oakland.edu/elis/webexhelp.cfm

On-campus Meetings
Determine if your online course has any on-campus meetings by checking the Schedule of Classes in SAIL, your syllabus, or with your instructor. On-campus meetings are occasionally needed for introductory material or exams.

It is best to order your textbooks as early as possible because work in your online course will begin almost immediately. If you are unsure about what textbook you should buy, check the course syllabus, contact your instructor, or call the OU Bookstore (248-370-2404). Once you know what textbook to purchase, you can order it from the Bookstore or from any online bookseller.

Get Help
To get immediate help, call (248) 805-1625 weekdays 8 am to 8 pm and 8 am to 1 pm on Saturdays. Walk in appointments are available from weekdays 8 am to 5 pm at 430 Kresge Library. To ensure that someone will be available for help, please make an appointment by calling (248) 805-1625. You can request support at any time using this form: http://www2.oakland.edu/elis/help.cfm?LMS=2

We will try to respond within 24 hours.

Have a great semester,

The E-Learning and Instructional Support Team
Suite 430 Kresge Library