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Welcome to the Online Student Orientation

With computer and online access so readily available to you, the advantages of technology in the learning process will become apparent as you encounter web-enhanced and fully online courses here at Oakland University. The positive side of online courses include the following:

  • Active learning allows you to fully participate and become involved with the course materials.
  • Direct communication with your professor allows for full faculty/student interaction.
  • Online “discussions” or bulletin board forums enable you to read and comment on your colleagues' reports and postings.
  • The quick pace and instant feedback of chat sessions encourages brainstorming, excitement about the course subject matter, and friendships.
  • Learning from home gives greater flexibility to your schedule.

Online Courses Meetings

Each online course is designed differently. Some require three or less on-campus meetings on specific dates for testing, Some require regular synchronous meetings for chat sessions. Some don't have many set time requirements at all but can be worked on asynchronously, whenever you like. Check the Schedule of Classes in the Class Schedule Search for particular details or contact the professor if you have a question about meeting times.

Admission and Registration

Students desiring to enroll in a fully online course must first be admitted to the university, through the Office of Admissions. The process for enrolling in an e-Learning course is the same as the process for enrolling in a traditional course, through the Registrar's Office with SAIL. 

Library Services

Kresge Library offers distance education services, which includes activating your library card, remote access to databases, document delivery, getting help over live chat, mailing services and interlibrary loan, and online instruction about the library.


Textbooks and course-related materials can be purchased through the campus bookstore, Barnes & Noble at Oakland University. These items may be purchased via their website of www.oakland.bncollege.com using a credit card. Orders can be shipped via UPS or held for in-store pick up. In addition, used textbooks may be swapped with other students.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid questions may be answered by calling (248) 370-2550. Information is posted on the Financial Aid webpages.

Tutoring Center

Tutoring services are provided through the Tutoring Center. Instructional math videos for MTH 061, 062, 121, 122, 154, 155 and STA225 are located in the Study Aids section as are videos on Time Management and How to Make the Most of Your Textbook.


e-Learning courses at Oakland are delivered using a learning management system, Moodle that allows instructors to design entire courses online or to enhance a classroom-based course. The software resides on a server, allowing you to access it via a web browser, Firefox. Each course is uniquely designed by instructors who may include some of the following components in their web-based or web component courses: syllabus, course material or content, assignments, quizzes and self-tests, glossary, hyperlinks to websites and student web pages, discussion board, mail, and student progress tracking.

Oakland University Email Account

You must login to Moodle with your NetID (oakland.edu email) account and password. Obtain this account (you'll need your SAIL ID and PIN) and/or change your password at: https://netid.oakland.edu/profile/ Please remember that anytime you change your NetID (oakland.edu) password, it will be reflected in your login to Moodle.

Logging into Moodle

  • Open the Moodle Login page: https://moodle.oakland.edu
  • Log-in using the first part of your NetID (oakland.edu email) username and your email password
    e.g. if your email is jwilson3@Oakland.edu then:
    Username: jwilson3
    Password: whatever your Oakland University email password is

If you continue to have problems or your courses aren't present, you may need to see if you are properly registered or fill out the help request form for e-Learning and Instructional Support.