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e-Learning Student Online Orientation - Demo Course
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In order to help familiarize you with what an online class is like, we have created a demo Moodle course called Basic Astronomy. This course simulates the first three weeks of a web based course. To visit the demo course, follow these instructions.

  • Log in with username guest1 and password guest1 for the Moodle demo. Make sure that you type both the username and password in lowercase.
  • Once logged in, click on the course name.
  • Feel free to poke around as much as you want in the course.
  • Moodle Demo Course:
When navigating through the course, pay special attention to the types of assignments. While every online course is different, this course will give you an idea of the quality and amount of work expected from you.

If you need additional information or have trouble logging on, please use the Moodle Support Request Form.