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This international collaborative project aims to expand and deepen the understanding of correlated electron behavior in different material systems: magnetic adatoms and molecules on surfaces, carbon nanotubes and graphene, and quantum dots in semiconductors and other materials. Our work focuses on understanding and guiding experimental developments in these materials, providing physical insights into correlations and predictions concerning their measurement using newly developed probes (including scanning probes such as STM and spin-polarized STM).
Our approach employs different theoretical techniques, including the numerical renormalization group and the embedded cluster approximation. These approaches are proven and reliable in treating nontrivial correlated problems, and their complementarity gives the collaboration a unique advantage. In addition to tackling specific problems, we propose to further advance the techniques to enhance their range of applicability.

We invite you to explore our website and contact us with any questions you may have!!

International collaborators
Enrique Anda and Maria Davidovich, PUC-Rio
Andrea Latgé, UFF-Niterói
Flávio Plentz, UFMG-Belo Horizonte
Pedro Orellana, UCN-Antofagasta
Mónica Pacheco, UTFSM-Valparaíso
Francisco Claro, PUC-Santiago

Ohio University

Nancy Sandler

Sergio Ulloa

University of Florida

Kevin Ingersent

Oakland University

George Martins

Former post-doc (now at University of Wyoming)

Carlos Busser

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