Mechanisms of
Sperm Motility:
Dr. Charles Lindemann
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Cell Motility and Shape: Microfilaments - A brief, yet good summary of cell motility and shape. Contains good references for further information.


Cytoskeleton, Cell Motility & Motors - BioChemWeb - Excellent site containing anything you would ever want to know about everything cellular. Highly recommended.


Cytoskeleton Research Homepage


Wikipedia: Flagellum - Good site for general information regarding the flagellum.


Molecular Machines - Great site for illustrations and animations regarding cellular motility.


More Bacterial Flagellar Information - A great site about the motility of E.Coli


Sex, Wild-Style - an interesting article about animal sexual selection


Eyelashes Up Close - An article about cilia's role in disease


Sperm Sparring Spotted - An article about competition between sperm of different males


Sperm Motility Secrets Revealed -


Wikipedia entry on Don W. Fawcett - A noteable sperm researcher and founder of the American Society for Cell Biology(ASCB).


A Downside to Female Promiscuity


Along Came a Sadistic Spider - an article about traumatic insemination in spiders


Airway cilia taste toxins - an article about cilia in the airway that can detect toxic substances 


Robocilia at work - an article about manmade cilia


What is Sperm Morphology? or More about sperm morphology plus some related information about infertility


Catch the Sperm - Use a condom gun to catch the sperm and diseases before they pass.


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